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Hydraulic work support

1056-WST | Hydraulisches Abstützelement

Hydraulic work supports WST from the price leader ★ 15 years of experience✔️, robust quality✔️, immediate delivery✔️.

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Item No.Supporting force at 70kg / cm2HubMax. Pressure kg / cm2Normal pressure kg / cm2BerthingWeight (kg)
1056-WST26BL200 kg610525 – 700.670.20
1056-WST30BL300 kg80.960.25
1056-WST36BL360 kg82.120.35
1056-WSU40BL360 kg81.820.60
1056-WSU48BL720 kg102.160.80
1056-WSU55BL840 kg121.331.40
1056-WSU65BL1200 kg141.052.20
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1056-WST26BL66486.595424910M6 x9D242610M26 x1M26 x120-302
1056-WST30BL73539.597427810M6 x9D283010M30 x1.5M26 x1.520-509
1056-WST36BL69509.5874321110M8 x11D34.23613M36 x1.5M26 x1.520-488
1056-WSU40BL67312514.574111222.531.55.5M10 x826344513040040
1056-WSU48BL75392313.594121125.535.55.5M10 x830405114048048
1056-WSU55BL85452311.5116151430.5396.8M10 x1033.5476018055055
1056-WSU65BL101562714.5126171435466.8M10 x1040.5557020055055
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1056-WST | Hydraulisches Abstützelement

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