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AL-40334 | Buegelspanner Verschlussspanner Vertikal

AL-40334-SS Strap clamp Latch clamp vertical stainless steel

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Price: 45,90 / Pc plus 19% VAT

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3D data

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Model no.Weight (g)holding force (N)A.B.C.D.Ø EØ FGHI.KL.M.NOP.QR.S.T
AL-40324 (SS)100225014,325,453,3794,45,3M4P=0.7431213264,711,1852226,578,520,5
AL-40334 (SS)290450020,638,161,91207,17,1M6P=17,141,3319,133,38,717,5108,525,440,511428
AL-40344 (SS)6609000275488,7130,28,78,7M8P=1.259,560,3431,847,612,728,615036,55815444,5
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The dimensions and technical information can be changed without prior notice.

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AL-40334 | Buegelspanner Verschlussspanner Vertikal

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