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Pneumatic gripper

angled movement

6021 | pneumatische Greifer, abgewinkelte Bewegung


In addition to the advantages of the manual clamp, pneumatic clamps have many other advantages: The user is relieved of frequent clamping, the simultaneous actuation of the individual or multiple clamps from different points in a certain order by machine control etc ...

Choosing the right clamp size and type is important. To select the correct clamping size, the pneumatic clamps indicate the possible clamping force at 6 bar air pressure.
Pneumatic clamps - areas of application:

Pneumatic clamps are advantageously used in the metal industry, in tool and fixture construction as well as in automation and assembly lines for positioning, quick clamping and opening when manufacturing series parts, for installation in clamping fixtures for clamping when drilling, bending, welding, assembling, etc.

Pneumatic clamps - product features:

Galvanized quality steel
Stainless steel rivets and hardened bushings
Lubricated joints and bearings
Oil and heat-resistant rubber cap of the pressure screw (8.8)
Slide-in guide that can be subsequently adjusted in two axes and anti-loss device with curved ends (depending on the version)
Double acting pneumatic cylinder

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3D data

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Model no.Piston ØSTROKE [mm](M) closed(M) Open(L)Resilience(N) closed(N) OpenCheek anglesoperating pressureMax. FrequencyWeight (g)
6021-161649 x P12 x P4F = M / L x 0.851015- 10 ~ 30 ° 1.5-7 bar 180 cycles / min 100
6021-2020617 x P23 x P6F = M / L x 0.852030- 10 ~ 30 ° 1.5-7 bar 180 cycles / min 200
6021-2525734 x P44 x P7F = M / L x 0.854560- 10 ~ 30 ° 1.5-7 bar 180 cycles / min 330
6021-32328,561 x P81 x P8,5F = M / L x 0.8585100- 10 ~ 30 ° 1.5-7 bar 180 cycles / min 520
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Model no.A.B.B2E.E2E3F.F2F3HH2H3H4H5H6H7JM.M1 (H7)NN2N3R.TT2X1X2
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6021 | pneumatische Greifer, abgewinkelte Bewegung

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